Four 1 oz. Soy Tarts.  Our Tarts are sure to rival the top candle companies.  Long Burning and beautifully scented.  $6.00
Jack O Lantern candle - 14 oz.  This is a jar candle that I have painted with a jackolantern face.  The candle stands 6" high with the hat on.   Light this candle then put on the metal hat and just sit back and watch the spooky light show you will get.  The cut outs create dancing images on nearby walls and ceilings of witches on their brooms, dancing moons and stars.  These also make great luminaries for a walk way.  When the candle is completely burned out, clean out the jar and just place any votive inside and enjoy all over again!  This is one of my favorites!  We recommend a yummy sweet pumpkin spice scent for this candle.    $12.00 shipping included